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Post  dawntreader on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:42 am

Role Plays are a fun thing to do when you have the time to do it! if you dont know what it is the your in luck!

Role Play here is when you can sign up on a thread to beascially pretend to be anything you want (depending on the topic of course) for example there could be a wolf rle play and i would sign up and bascially create my wolf chracter. The owner of the thread would start out saying what there doin such as hunting for a goat then if i were to write down what im doing i could say i was watching him/her hunting to learn some skilss. Its like an on going story that tells the story of a group or... some type of thing.

1. Everything under PG-13- Sometimes descriptions of death or fights get alittle gory please try to take some of that description out of your writing. Also please no telling of any sexual contact between two characters.

2.It is not real- Yes sorry but role play is not real an agrresive contact with another character should be more of a just charcter thing and shouldnt lead to two players actually becoming foes or fighting in the forums.

3.Spam- Spam is a big concern for not alot of players actually know about it. SPAM is when you post something useless such as hi or ya....

4.Mods job- Do not complain if a mod locks your topic for he/she must have found something that wasnt there and yes that is their job!

5. Applying to all role plays- Yes these rules apply to all the roleplays here at Deep Blu and some apply to almost all the topics here.

Hopefully these rules arent too hard to follow but if you read them Role Playing should be a blast!

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